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Vibe Church

Located in beautiful Tweed Heads is a church for everyone; a place where ordinary people from all walks of life come together to discover what life with God is all about. VIBE church Gold Coast is a place where you can find a place to belong. We don't have religious slogans or catch phrases, our mission is simple...Love God, Love People and Love Life! 

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​​​Help make a difference

Here at Vibe Church we don't want to be a church that only talks about God's love, we want to be a church that does somethingwith God's love. Vibe Church currently distributes up to 700 food parcels every week to families across our city through our Community Pantry, Vibe Church sponsor a number of children in poverty through Compassion Australia, and Vibe Church gives towards A21 helping free people out of modern day slavery (human trafficking / sex slavery etc.). We are proud to announce that Vibe Church has just opened the first Transformations House in NSW. Transformations is an Holistic program helping free men & women from life controlling addictions. We currently have 14 men in our men's house/program and we are currently seeking extra help in the following areas...1/ A Ute to allow our Transformations Men to provide a gardening and lawn mowing service to the community. 2/ Sponsorship; to help us accommodate men into our Transformations program who have no financial support at all.

Get Connected​

We believe its important for you to connect with the people you go to Church with and to build relationships that last a life time. The following are ways that anyone can come into our Church and learn more about who we are, how we started out, where we are going, how you can get connected and how you can get involved